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My name is Tomasz Toczek and I come from Gdańsk, but I have lived for 15 years in Stockholm, Sweden.

I always try to follow my dreams.

They are the basic engines of my life. Perseverance and stubbornness taken over by long-term sports, helps me achieve my goals and tasks that are always my guiding principles.

When I found out for the first time that you will be my guest on this site, I did not know what to say and write. It happened after a long time.

You know, it never occurred to me that I would ever write something on my private site and myself. But I'm glad you're here and you're reading something that I can tell you only thanks to my previous knowledge of experience and what I was able to learn in practice and apply, and that you can achieve and discover things you've never imagined to try and fulfill.

My path starts very early when I remember it was about 11 years when I said stop !!! with ordinary school reality and people or you can tell children who do something that is not always their will but you still have to. I remember these times very well because I found my peace and asylum which was a sport. It was not important what at home or what I experienced at school. What was important was my life and my everyday life in my sports conquests.

That's why I wanted to train and run this daily marathon to practice perfection in practice. It was my guiding thought not always coinciding with other beliefs. Because of this, I had a lot of unpleasantness, because if you run ahead of the row, you may at some point turn out that you will become an enemy on the way to its accomplishment. The rivalry then has no end to what you do not need to forget. I am very grateful to that stage of my growth without looking at adversity and getting myself involved in work and improving myself in different fields of sport and not only that I was willing to cultivate and flatter. This time and my observations in achieving my goals and tasks. Continuous work and sometimes unnerved monotony to improve what is done and constantly thinking about how to give everything, led me today to this moment when working for the last 11 years as it was from the early time with sport only now-now as an adult in daily life. I realized that I returned to the point of departure when the time for everyday work and daily duties related to the family and fulfillment of basic activities takes so much time that it is not enough for my physical and mental and sometimes even spiritual development.

Therefore, changing something in my life, in order to have more time for the family, for my condition and spirituality I would like to invite you together with me on a journey, where together we will discover our financial and mental freedom in our everyday life and together we will learn how to improve ...

I cordially invite you and greetings!

With respect

Tomasz Toczek.

My Community


My guiding idea in starting this path of blogging and running this website is mainly to help people like me in education and expanding knowledge, as well as development and help in what is our everyday life, and surrounds us, which is not often said, is not something the obvious

and he keeps my life for all my life

companions from hiding. Through the possibility of sharing with you information and detailed prospectuses, as well as solving the problems related to Physical Development, Health, and Fitness.  Which has a big impact on my everyday life, I will be able to grow and improve along with you in this selected topic, and thanks to your comments and engagement you provide me with the necessary encouragement to provide advice and answers to problems and questions that bother us.

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Join me and the mission of My Personal Blog ToczekTomasz.Com to become better and smarter by 1% each day thanks to knowledge, practical view and inventions of modernity. Thanks to digital courses, books and other people's knowledge that give us today, we can create our place in reality. Pass and learn without leaving home, and the possibility of acquiring practical and useful knowledge about physical development, health and building muscles has become so easy to implement. Everyone who has a small plan and would like to change something in their lives, improve the appearance of their body, get well and feel better, can do it in a very short time with the help of knowledge from the blog and the rapid development of technology that is happening today. Therefore, first of all I like new challenges, I decided to check myself in a completely new role and create this blog for you. Directly from the world of knowledge and selected messages and inspirations, as well as the practice which I experienced myself through years of training and practicing sports - all this can be found on my Blog. 

Remember, Only positive emotions. 

I invite You to Read! 

Have today a great day! Hey!

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